Let’s Talk About Wellness!

Why do we want our workforce to be healthy? Is it to reduce healthcare premiums? Partially. But isn’t the real reason we promote wellness because we know healthy employees are more productive and contribute to an organization’s bottom-line?

Let’s be perfectly honest here… an organization is in business to make money. Reducing expenses is one way. Improving productivity, engagement, innovation, retention and culture is a far more effective one.

The physical health of your employees is a good start but an emotionally healthy workforce is where the BIG money is. That’s because key organizational attributes have little to do with physical or even mental health and far more to do with emotional health. (See my first blog for details.)

I’m here to help you balance your peoples’ wellness programming at work and even at home.

Connect with me today and I’ll show you how easy it can be.



I love helping businesses improve their productivity and culture by nurturing their wellness – mental health and emotional well-being.

Worksite Wellness includes more than just physical health (e.g. fitness and nutrition), assessments and surveys. A balanced wellness program must include definitive tools that nurture mental health and emotional well-being and the best way is by strengthening relationships and connections (UK-NHS). “The greatest predictor of success and happiness at work is social support.” (Shawn Achor – Happiness Researcher – 1, 2)

Happier people are healthier (i.e. emotionally, mentally, physically, etc.) and they thrive in the workplace. The stronger our relationships and more connected we feel to others the happier we are. Here’s what I do…

  • Educate on the keys to good mental health and emotional well-being.
  • Strengthen your workforces’ relationships and thereby,
  • Improve productivity, culture and the bottom-line.

Now for the 1-2 punch and how to:

On-Site Workshop – $3200
(up to 4 hours)

Online Activity – $89/participant
(10-week activity, 5 minutes @ 3x/week)
Additional group-rates are available.

CorporateeJournal.comFREE demo available, just ask!

When it’s this simple and definitive, can your organization afford to forego balance and ignore mental health and emotional well-being any longer?

Let’s chat for a few minutes and schedule your on-site training today.  Contact me.

About Kevin

You’re here because you, like me, understand that balancing wellness is the key to thriving at work, at home and in life!

I’ve been actively pursuing Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness for more than 16 years and that means researching, learning, experimenting and observing for 10,000+ hours.

For starters, I’m a 16-year Ironman Triathlete and Coach. What that means is I’ve spent countless hours swimming, biking and running PLUS tried almost everything under-the-sun when it comes to nutrition and preventing injury. I’ve helped others overcome injuries and achieve their goals whether it’s for their first 5K run or an Ironman triathlon. I understand physical health.

But no matter how many miles I logged in the saddle or how clean I kept my diet, it made only a minimal difference with how effective I was at the office. If a project was falling behind or my colleagues and I were frustrated with management or each other our work simply suffered. Brainstorming sessions turned into “gripe” sessions and almost all productivity was lost. It doesn’t take long before employees become increasingly disengaged with their job and the organization and the culture deteriorates.

When projects and work-life aren’t coming together we get anxious, stressed and/or depressed. When people aren’t getting along or listening we lose trust and feel undervalued. Complaining about it only adds to the negativity even if some venting is helpful. Ultimately, our mental health and emotional well-being suffer, significantly! And this has nothing to do with mental illness. I’ve seen this happen time and again during my 25 years in corporate America and for the past 16 years I’ve been focused on solving the epidemic. As a biomedical engineer (i.e. my former career) that’s what I do. I solve problems… the really tough ones which has resulted in 64 issued patents across two industries and 10 publications across three industries including psychology.

Most people may not realize [since it’s the norm now] but the workforce, people, are in crisis and it’s their mental and emotional health that is suffering the most. The best thing we can do to make our businesses more profitable and successful is to take care of the people who operate them. Most people “show up” to work each day and physically they are able. Unfortunately, if their mental and emotional states are not well (including bringing baggage from home) what they do at work and how they function is evident from their productivity, engagement and general culture around the office.

Fortunately, after years of effort, I’ve been able to piece together the literature and develop a program to address a person’s basic need – the Need for Connection. Connection and truly feeling like you belong directly nurtures your mental health and emotional well-being.

I can’t wait to share the details with you and help support the team and culture of a thriving business!

NOTE: This is not a “quick fix” program but it is a definitive 10-week activity that’s fun, easy and requires just 5 minutes of participation 3x/week and one on-site introductory workshop.