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Innovation and creative problem solving is one of the most desired traits of students and employees. If it’s so important then why do we struggle so much? What’s holding you back will likely surprise you and that’s what I want to teach to you and those in your charge.

In short, it’s not luck that earned me 75+ patents and peer-reviewed research publications in four industries. Want to learn the secret?

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Innovation Coach

It’s easier than you might think with the right foundation.

I love that feeling when I solve a problem and hear, “That’s so simple; I should have thought of that!” It’s the ultimate innovation compliment because you know you’ve added value. How to Innovate is what I’m excited to teach you and those in your charge.

I help people in business, education, healthcare, government, etc. solve their toughest problems by uncovering their true innovative nature. As humans, it’s in our DNA to solve problems (i.e., survival); so, let’s create the optimal environment.

Note: I am not a consultant who solves your problems. I’m your guide providing the tools.


  • 75+ issued patents
  • 2 industry awards for innovation
  • 10+ peer-reviewed research articles in medical device implants & instruments, infection control, psychology, and human behavior.


  • saved lives.
  • changed surgical procedures, globally.
  • earned $100s of millions in revenue.

People say I have a “natural gift” like a musician or artist, but in my 30-year career, I’ve learned innovation CAN be taught.

Connect with me and tell me about your passions, the people you serve, and the problems you want to solve. Together, we’ll make it happen!

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Innovation Coaching

Kevin Strauss Speaker

Innovating and creative problem solving CAN be taught. My workshop will give you and your crew the foundation success.

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Emotional Health & Wellness

Sawtooth Idaho Backpacking Crew 2016

Emotional health may be the most neglected aspect of our well-being and possibly the most important… after physically existing, of course.

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Endurance & Nutrition

Kevin Strauss Ironman Triathlon

I’m a 20-year, injury-free, Ironman Triathlete & Coach. Visit Tri TMI Coaching to learn how you can reach your fitness and physical goals.

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Tendinitis and Joint Pain – The Cure Doctors and Physical Therapists Don’t Know

Takeaways Doctors and PTs don’t know everything. The true root cause of joint pain is probably not in the joint. Foam rolling and self-massage of knotted muscles may be the solution.


Alcohol – Damned If You Do Or Don’t

  Takeaways:  Alcohol is revered. Alcohol is condemned. Your “disease” of addiction is based on your “degree” of control. Alcohol addiction is not a mental illness. It’s a compensatory behavior


Gun Violence Is Not A Mental Health Issue

  Takeaways:  Gun violence has a deeper root cause. Not understanding a person’s behavior doesn’t mean they’re crazy. Behavior is often an attempt to ease an unmet emotional need or


Addressing ACEs (Adverse Childhood Events) & Mental Health Stigma

  Main Takeaways Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). Mental Health & Stigma Originally posted 29Jan2020 – LinkedIn Pulse Addressing ACEs (Adverse Childhood Events) & Mental Health Stigma By Kevin R. Strauss,


NLV – A Conference Of Connection

  Main Takeaways Connect beyond the keyboard. Why the No Longer Virtual Conference is the one to attend. Originally posted 19Dec2019 – LinkedIn Pulse NLV – A Conference Of Connection By


4 Common Ways We Destroy Connection and Damage Emotional Health

  Main Takeaways How to destroy connection & emotional health. What do we really fear? Shame. Judgement. Neglect. Rejection. Originally posted 22Oct2019 – LinkedIn Pulse 4 Common Ways We Destroy


“Brain Break” – Why Binging Netflix Supports Mental Health

  Main Takeaways What’s a “Brain Break”? Mental Health & Burnout Originally posted 15Oct2019 – LinkedIn Pulse “Brain Break” – Why Binging Netflix Supports Mental Health By Kevin R. Strauss,


World Peace Is Finally Possible

  Takeaways World peace is possible. The true root cause of behavior is emotional health. Emotional health is nurtured by our relationships and connections. Originally posted 13Jul2018 – Medium.com World


What Was The True Intent Of The 2nd Amendment Of The US Constitution?

  Main Takeaways The 2nd Amendment. “A well regulated Militia…” Before a robust, US military. “Bearing arms” is not your right as a US citizen. Originally posted 6Nov2015 – iMindStream What





Andrea Michaele Barry

“I never considered that innovation was linked to emotional health, but of course it is!  Kevin’s insight and understanding instantly resonated with me, and I was riveted by his examples and the workshop he facilitated. The connection is so simple yet so often missed, but Kevin made it clear.”

Andrea Michaele Barry, CPC
President, Eleventh Hour, Inc.
Raleigh, NC

Michael "Fritz" Fritzius

“I first met Kevin prior to joining a bunch of other entrepreneurs at the No Longer Virtual summit back in 2019. He’d set up some time to chat since he saw I was going to be one of the contributors, and we started getting to know each other. I wasn’t sure what his specialty was, but I could tell he was passionate about it and I’ve always tried to surround myself with people like that. Fast forward to the conference, and his contribution was to have a roundtable discussion (one of 3 or 4 others) and originally we were supposed to rotate to another table at the end of the time. But we all had just gotten engrossed in what he was talking about as it relates to emotional health that we all were like, “…is it ok if we just stay here? Is that bad?” Well of course it wasn’t, so we got twice as much knowledge. Kevin really knows a lot about how the human mind works, and about where we fall down when it comes to maintaining our own emotional health. There’s plenty that we’ve forgotten about over the generations, and the “norm” as it were really isn’t normal. We’re able to get above the things that keep us mired in poor emotional health, and fortunately Kevin knows how to help others do that.”

Michael “Fritz” Fritzius
CTO, Arch DevOps
High Ridge, MO

Sarah Elkins

At each No Longer Virtual Summit, our agenda includes “speed sessions”, 30-minute table-top discussions facilitated by select participants of the event. We offer 6 topics and participants switch tables twice, giving people opportunities to explore 3 topics. When I invited Kevin Strauss to host a table at the 2019 event, the intention was to experience his energy and content to explore the potential for him to host a full session for a future event.

The guests at his table never left. They continued the discussion on Emotional Health for the duration of the speed sessions. Every participant was engaged and inspired. It was obvious that a full session at NLV 2020 would be a great addition to our curriculum for the summit. As expected, Kevin captivated our participants in 2020. His interactive, engaging, workshop-style presentation continues to be a topic of conversation among participants more than a year later.

As an event planner and the host of the summit, I couldn’t have selected a more appropriate, mind-blowing topic and presenter for my guests. I have every intention of hiring him for another event in the near future.”

Sarah Elkins
Chief Storymaker, Elkins Consulting Inc.
Helena, MT

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