Honored to be a Podcast Guest

I’m not ready to host my own podcast but I’m happy to be a guest on others’. What a joy it is to discuss the myriad of passions I have including innovation and my book Innovate The 1%, health & wellness, emotional health, human behavior, love, connection, & belonging and of course, the Uchi app designed to help you have real conversations and real connections with the people closest to you. I hope you enjoy one or more!


Featured Podcast #1

With more than 10,000 views, this episode of Zen Benefiel’s – Mastering a New World is a deep dive into Unveiling the Secrets and Unlocking Success in life. (73-minutes)

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Featured Podcast #2

Thanks to Shannol (S.A.) Grant for inviting me to join him on Boss Uncaged (LIVE) Fouder / CEO of Uchi: Kevin Strauss. While our focus was the Uchi app, we cover many topics including innovation, human connection & behavior, emotional health, relationships, and much more. (80-minute)

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Your Brilliance – Feeling Heard with Uchi

15Aug2020 (21 min.)

Hosted by Amy Waterman, we discuss Feeling Alone, Like No One Hears You?

Mental Health Today, The Jar – #60

9Aug2023 (52 min.)

Hosted by Ken Stearns, we discuss how Mental Health is different from Emotional Health and how connection & relationships are critical to well-being and behavior, including addiction.

Kevin on AbilityMKE Now!

2Aug2023 (29 min.)

Hosted by Sue Roskopf, this is a fun, light conversation about the Uchi app for connection and why Emotional Health is so important for our happiness & behaviors.

Doing Business with a Servant’s Heart

19Jun2023 (31 min.)

Hosted by Steve Ramona, we focus on Achieving Balanced Wellness: Unleashing Your Best Life.

Rise Above The Noise w/ Susan Finn

7Jun2023 (35 min.)

Hosted by Susan Finn focused on the idea that Human Connection Is Key.

Take It From The Ironwoman – Ep. 359

24Apr2023 (18 min.)

What catches our attention, we dive into from Ironman Triathlon to Uchi – a social connection app.

A Little Less Fear w/ Lino Martinez – #176

18Apr2023 (61 min.)

During this interview, Lino creates a safe space where I can be vulnerable. Our focus is Emotional Health – giving & receiving love, connection, & belonging.

Inside Outside Innovation w/ Brian Ardinger 

18Oct2022 (21 min.)

Hosted by Brian Ardinger with a focus on my book Innovate The 1% – 7 Areas to Nurture for Success.

Patterns of Possibility

4Oct2022 (62 min.)

Hosted by Lee Hopkins who leads a discussion about having deeper conversations to help us connect and why it matters.

The Listening Table with Heather Younger

26May2022 (58 min.)

Mental Health at Work – A discusss with Heather, Kevin, and Natasha Bowman.

Magic In The Room – Episode #89

15Feb2022 (64 min.)

Creating an Innovative Environment and discussion of Kevin’s book Innovate The 1%.

Executive Presence Morsels

14Jan2022 (30 min.)

Hosted by Joe Kwon, the Connection Counselor,  discussing Kevin’s book Innovate The 1%

Innovation Advice for Managers

7Dec2021 (10 min.)

Hosted by Kirsten Richert, Innovation Catalyst, Author, Podcast Host, and Organizational Change Educator at Montclair State University.

Leadership From The Arena

1June2021 (30 min.)

Hosted by Austin Holifeld with a discussion about team dynamics and the ability to give and receive love in the workplace!
Note: The topic of suicide is briefly discussed from about 8:50 -9:25.

Deep Bonding Over Conversations

1Apr2021 (34 min.)

Hosted by Michael “Fritz” Fritzius in order to discuss Emotional Health (not Emotional Intelligence), why conflict occurs, and what drives human behavior. If you feel unseen, unheard, or out-of-sync, this podcast is for you.

People, Purpose and Profits Business Podcast

6Dec2020 (37 min.)

Hosted by Brian Buck and Cat Park in order to discuss how to increase feeling heard and being valued in the workplace.

Dr. D’s Social Network – #195

21Sep2020 (55 min.)

Hosted by Darian Parker, we dive into my passion for Backpacking the Olympic National Park, Ballroom Dancing, and Ironman Triathlon. This podcast was super fun because it wasn’t just about my work but more about my life.

The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOps

Sep2020 (37 min.)

Hosted by Michael “Fritz” Fritzius, we discuss Using Social Media The Right Way To Promote Mental Health.

Leadership With Heart

19Mar2020 (46 min.)

Hosted by Heather Younger and with guest Joe Kwon, we discuss emotional well-being and connection as it pertains to caring leadership.

Get On The Bus! – A Zero Stigma Podcast – Ep. 9

Sep2019 (1 hr, 47m)

Hosted by Tim Harrington, we take a deep dive into Emotional Health and Wellness, Human Behavior, Mental Health, and why people do what they do.