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7 Areas To Nurture For Success

Why do so few ideas ever see the light of day? Employers and educators are demanding innovation and creative problem-solving skills with minimal results. Is the ability to innovate an innate gift for the Einsteins and Edisons of the world or can it be taught to anyone?

INNOVATE THE 1% identifies seven areas that have a profound impact on your ability to innovate, which you may not have considered or intentionally nurtured before. When you do, the opportunities for innovating flow non-stop! INNOVATE THE 1% explores each area and links it to real-life, in-depth stories of innovation. Upon finishing, you may not be “magically” transformed into an innovator but you’ll have an understanding of what is needed, what you can nurture, and how you can dig in deeper.

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Kevin believes everyone can innovate and he teaches the diverse array of people in organizations and schools how to strengthen the foundational areas.