Alex’s Suicide Note – He’s Telling Us Why But Are We Listening?

The rate of death by suicide continues to increase and especially in the United States. Family and friends are too often lost as to how or why this act could possibly happen. I believe the reason a person chooses suicide is really not as complicated as we might choose to believe or rationalize.

In most instances, I do not believe suicide has anything to do with mental illness or someone just being “crazy”. I don’t make this statement lightly; I’ve been thinking hard about this topic for nearly 20 years. It may hurt to hear this but it’ll hurt much worse to actually lose someone who matters to you.

Alex Hagen was a 19-year old college student who made a conscious and thoughtful decision to end his life. We are fortunate that Alex left behind his suicide note and if we listen, REALLY listen, maybe we can learn how to ease the pain of someone WE love.

Attached is my analysis and interpretation of Alex’s words and where his pain is rooted for which he saw no other option than ending his life. Imagine what kind of pain he must have been experiencing. Was it physical, mental or emotional pain that drove his action?

Click the link below to open the pdf in a new window or download the pdf file to your device. (No email or other information is required to view.)

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